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  • December 16 at Philadelphia Curling Club
  • January 27 at Potomac Curling Club

The Mid-Atlantic Curling Association, or MACA, is composed of five clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region: Plainfield Curling Club (Plainfield, NJ), Philadelphia Curling Club (Paoli, PA), Chesapeake Curling Club (Easton, MD), Potomac Curling Club (Laurel, MD), and Bucks County Curling Club (Warminster, PA – New Member as of 2017).

The MACA was formed to promote curling and camaraderie among the clubs in our region, and to give curlers (especially new curlers!) the opportunity to travel to nearby clubs and play in new settings in a friendly environment.

MACA Friendlies have a unique structure: teams are drawn randomly, and curlers switch which position they play every one or two ends. This allows for curlers from different clubs to get to know each other, and also provides an opportunity for newer curlers to try out a few ends in positions they might not have ever played before.

Currently, each ‘cycle’ of the MACA Friendlies covers two curling seasons, with each club hosting once over the two year cycle. Every game, each member scores points for their club, even if they’re curling with people from other clubs. (Yes, it’s complicated.) Scores for each club are added up over the course of the two years, and the club with the most points gets to take home the cup!



1990-91 Potomac
1991-92 Plainfield
1992-93 Potomac
1993-94 The Weather
1994-95 Philadelphia
1995-96 Philadelphia
1996-97 Plainfield
1997-98 Potomac
1998-99 Potomac
1999-2000 Potomac
2000-01 Plainfield
2001-02 Potomac
2002-03 Potomac
2003-04 Plainfield
2004-05 Potomac
2005-06 Potomac
2006-07 Philadelphia
2007-08 Philadelphia
2008-09 Philadelphia
2009-10-11 Potomac
2011-12-13 Potomac
2013-14-15 Plainfield
2015-16-17 Plainfield

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