Corporate Events

The dynamics of curling — four people working together on each shot with constant communication — provide a terrific team-building exercise or a just a great time with friends. The focus is on fun, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Our club offers a lounge/viewing area with a full bar for socializing.

Our private two-hour sessions include 30-45 minutes of instruction followed by games between the people in your group, assisted by our experienced coaches. You’ll learn how to deliver a rock, how to sweep, and the basic strategies of the sport.

Curling is a four-on-four team sport so groups of 8 or 16 people are ideal for a session, but we can accommodated any number from 6 to 20. Pricing is based on whether you’ll need one sheet of ice (6-10 curlers) or two sheets (11-20 curlers).

Availability for private events is typically daytime hours during the week, with the last available session 4-6 PM. Occasionally we may have mid-day weekend availability, but we have league play or events most Saturdays and Sundays. There is one week in April when we can offer outings in the evenings. We have ice from October through mid-April.